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Electric Range Power Cord

This electric Range Power Cord is an 4 prong 40 amp version of the optionally namely: Range Power cord, this Power Cord is supplied with 4 ft. B2 electric Power cord.

Electric Range Extension Cord

This ge Range Power Cord is for the it is a long Cord with an electric plug, and is produced of sturdy plastic, the Range extension Cord is required for unhacked Power when using this machine by way of the Power cord. The electric Range Power Cord is designed to Power other devices in your home from the future, now available from whirlpool, the Cord is 6 feet long and imparts a heavy-duty plug that will keep you and your devices safe. The Range is up to 4 feet and the Cord is basic to use, the is a top alternative for somebody scouring for an electric Range Power cord. The electric Range plug is valuable for attaching to your stove or oven, providing Power to your meal plan, and heavy-duty affair, this type of plug is excellent for folks who hate having to go to the store to get the required Power to Power their fireplace or oven. This 3 prong Range Power Cord for electric cooktops is enticing for ranges up to 40 amps, it offers a modern style with black and white enjoyed by users for their ease of use and length, the Power Cord is medium-width and grants a black finish. The end of the Power Cord is left with a small hole for coming out of the Range to adopt the oven at the open end, the Cord is twisted and amazon's 4-ft. Length is guaranteed, the Power Cord is furthermore ready for use from the stand-by mode after the oven is turned off.