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FRIGIDAIRE KENMORE ELECTROLUX Range Large Element Switch 316436001

or NL812448

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Condition : Used

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FRIGIDAIRE KENMORE Range Large Element Switch, part # 316436001
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Compatible Part #s
AP3885460, 1155395, 316021501, AH1145040, EA1145040, PS1145040, QE214312
  • 316436001

  • Compatible Appliance Model #s
    This is a list of known appliance model #s that this part is used in.  This part might be used in some models that are not listed here.  Use CTRL +F to search for your appliance model #. TEF351EWB FEF336ECE FEF352AWF FEF352AWG MEF352BGWD FEF352AWA FEF352AWE FEF366DCE TEF326FSA FEF369CGSB TEF361ESA TEF361ESC FEF322BAWM FEF326ASG FEF366EMD FEF366CCE FEF366ECC FEFL67DCE FEF336ECC FEF326ASH FEF353BFDE FEF365BGWC TEF326FBA FEF366ECD TEF351EWC FEF316BSC FEF336BCM FEF336FMC FEF352AWC FEF336ASF FEF365BWD FEF366BCA FEF369CGSA FEF326FSB FEF336BGWD FEFL77ASE FEF326FBB FEF326FSA FEF352AWD FEF352DSA FEF365BWF FEF366CCB FEF366ECE FEF369CGSC FEF369CGSD FEF365CGSC FEF366ASD FEF368CCSG FEFL58ESA FEFL79DBB GLEF378CSE FEF326ASM FEF352AUC FEF352DSD FEF353BFWE FEF356CHSC FEF379ACH FEFL79DSK GLEF378AQE FEF352AUE FEF352DWA FEF355ASG FEF364DWA FEF365ASF FEF365BGDC FEF366DSE FEF367CGSA FEFL68GMA FEFL77ABE FEFL77ABF 31-2752-00-01 FEF316BSB FEF336BGWF FEF355ASA FEF366EMB FEF366EMC FEF375FSB FEF379ACK FEFL79DSB GLEF378AQC GLEF378ASC GLEF378CSB GLEFS77CSC FEF316BSA FEF316BSF FEF326FBA FEF336ASC FEF352AUG FEF355CFSE FEF368CCSB FEFL64FSB FEFL79DBK FEF312BSE FEF322BADM FEF326ASK FEF336ASK FEF339FSC FEF351CWB FEF352ASG FEF352FSA FEF355DSA FEF365ASD FEF366DBE FEF366DCA FEF366DSB FEF369CGTD FEF379ACE FEFL63FSB FEFL77AQC FEFL77ASH FEFL79FCB FEFS52DSC GLEF378CSD FEF322WHSA FEF326ASF FEF336BCG FEF336BGWA FEF352AUD FEF352AUF FEF354CJSA FEF354GBA FEF355ASE FEF356CHSB FEF364DWB FEF364FSB FEF365ASK FEF365BWC FEF366ASK FEF366ESD FEF368CCSF FEF369CGTB FEFL64DSB FEFL67GCA GLEF378ASE GLEF378CQD MEF356BFWB FEF326ABA FEF326ASA FEF336BGDA FEF352FSB FEF354GSA FEF364DSA FEF364DSB FEF364FWC FEF365ASH FEF365BGWD FEF366ASF FEF366AWA FEF366DSA FEF366EBD FEF366ESC FEF368CJSC FEF376ASE FEFL64DSC FEFL64FSA FEFL74ASA FEFL74ASC FEFL77ABA FEFL77ABG FEFL79DCA FEFL79DCC FEFL79DQK FEFL79DSA FEFL79GSA GLEFS79DSB MEF352BGDD MEF352BGWB 31-3342-23-01 FEF316BSD FEF336BCF FEF336BCH FEF350SAWA FEF352BAWB FEF352DUC FEF352FWA FEF354BJWA FEF355ASJ FEF355ESB FEF365BWE FEF365BWG FEF366ASC FEF366DCC FEF366DCD FEF366DCF FEF376ASL FEF387WJCA FEFL67DCA FEFL67DCH FEFL67DCJ FEFL77ABH FEFL77AQE FEFL77AQH FEFL77ASF FEFL79DBL FEFL79DCD FEFL79DSL FEFL79FCC FEFL79GCA FEFL88ACA GLEFS77CSB WEF350SADA 31-2752-00-02 FEF322BADB FEF322BAWG FEF326ABK FEF326ABM FEF336BGWC FEF350BAWA FEF352ASC FEF352AUA FEF352CASA FEF352DSB FEF352DUA FEF352DWB FEF352DWE FEF353BFWD FEF355ABJ FEF355EBA FEF356CHSD FEF357BBA FEF365ASE FEF365BUC FEF366AWD FEF366CCC FEF366EME FEF367CASB FEF368CCTB FEF375ESA FEF376CJSB FEF378CESA FEFB78DSK FEFL64DSA FEFL64DSF FEFL77ABC FEFL79DQB FEFL79GBA TEF365CHSA 31-2232-23-01 31-2752-23-01 F04B350EWC FEF312BSA FEF312BSD FEF322BAWB FEF323BADB FEF323BAWB FEF326ABE FEF326AQM FEF326ASB FEF326AWA FEF326AWB FEF326FWB FEF336ASB FEF336ASG FEF336BCK FEF336BGDF FEF350BAWD FEF352ASB FEF352ASE FEF352ASF FEF352FWB FEF355ABA FEF355ASB FEF355BFDA FEF355CFSA FEF362MXESC FEF363SGWB FEF364FSA FEF365ASC FEF365BUD FEF365CGBB FEF366ASG FEF366CCA FEF366DQE FEF366EBB FEF366EBC FEF366ECB FEF367CASA FEF367CATA FEF368CCBB FEF368CCSA FEF368CCSC FEF368CJBC FEF369CGTA FEF375CHSA FEF376AQL FEFB65ASC FEFB78DBA FEFL63FSA FEFL74ASE FEFL77ABB FEFL77AQG FEFL79DBD FEFL79DBH FEFL79DQA FEFL79DQD FEFL79DSD FEFL79DSH FEFL79ECD GEF352BHWB GLEF378ASB GLEF378CQB GLEF378CSA GLEFS77CSA GLEFS79DQB MEF322BEWB NGSE3WZASA TEF352CHSA TEF357BFWB TEF361ESD WEF360ESD 31-2232-00-01 31-2232-00-03 31-2232-23-03 31-4592-23-03 31-4972-00-01 F04C352BSB FEF312BSB FEF322BAWE FEF323CASA FEF326ABH FEF326AQH FEF326ASE FEF326AWG FEF326AWH FEF336ASE FEF336BCL FEF336ECD FEF336FMA FEF350BADB FEF352CASB FEF352CATC FEF353BFDD FEF353BFWC FEF355AQJ FEF355ASC FEF355ASD FEF355AWA FEF355DSB FEF357ASA FEF357BBB FEF362MXESD FEF364FWA FEF365ASG FEF365BGWA FEF365BWA FEF365CGSB FEF366ABA FEF366BCC FEF366CQE FEF366CSB FEF366CS ABOUT US At Low Cost Appliance Parts LLC, we want you to get your appliance back up and running asap.  That means we are more concerned about getting you the right appliance part for your issue the first time....even if that means buying from another seller.  We believe in the principles of Honesty and Integrity! If we wouldn’t use a part in my own appliances, we won’t sell it to you! If we ever make a mistake, we’ll own up to it! We believe in treating people the way we want to be treated, so we do everything we can to make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase. Finally, We believe in open and intentional Communication. If you are having problems after your receive your part, or have questions please contact us!  We can only step in and help, if you message us first.  If you have any questions, comments or need help with an appliance, please feel free to message me any time! SHIPPING All orders received before 4pm EST will ship the same day.
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    FRIGIDAIRE KENMORE ELECTROLUX Range Large Element Switch 316436001 or NL812448
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